Places of Interest

There is always something more to experience in the Green Kalahari.

Venture out and explore, ride a donkey car into the desert sunset, visit some historical sites, ancient mission stations, cycle winding nature trails with mountain bikes, take to the skies in a Hot Air Balloon or sit down for a moonlit five-course meal alongside the mighty Orange river in the wilderness. Or just sit back and take in the Stark Beauty of the Northern Cape.

The Khomeni San (Bushmen) are Southern Africa's original inhabitants. Still today there are remnants roaming the plains of the Southern Kalahari.

Life in the Kalahari is not only enriched by the rare and strange plants and animal life - the fruit of the vine is the understated gem of the region. Export Table Grapes are the main industry of the area with raisins and wine following closely. Enjoy some wine tasting while overlooking the plentiful Vineyards to be seen on the banks of the river.

Date palm tours are undertaking at the peaceful Pella Mission Station and other date palm plantations in the area.

A new Private Reserve in the area offers an insight into conservation projects like the Leopard Project and Yellowfish Conservation Project. Do an amazing Game drive on a private reserve with plentiful game, hot springs, 24km of river frontage and top class service.

The Augrabies Falls National Park will surprise you with its dramatic landscapes. Its waterfall, the Khoi call "Akroerabis" meaning the "place of great noise" is 56 metres high and is one of the largest cataract-type falls in the world. Apart from the waterfall and 200 metre deep gorge which stretches 18 kilometres, the park boasts sweeping granite planes, pregnant domes and many interesting animals and plants.

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Peace Park (formerly the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park) is wedged between Namibia and Botswana is the biggest nature conservation area in Southern Africa being 960 000 hectares. It is a vast land of huge vistas, and given its sparse vegatation, it is easy to spot many different game species.

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