4 Day XStream Wilderness Fly-fishing Safari

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Fly-Fishing, Lure, Bait Fishing Any fisherman, anytime, any fish!!

This trip covers a 35 km stretch of the Orange River. Your Fishing trip begins at Southern Cross Game Reserve. View the wildlife against the spectacular backdrop of the setting sun, turning desert and rock to fire. The next day you are introduced to the mighty Orange River and a Yellowfish paradise. The river passes through some of the most unspoilt landscapes in South Africa with untouched waters teaming with wild and untamed Yellowfish, both Largemouth and Smallmouth are but a few of the species taken on fly. Groups are kept to a minimum size to keep it personal. You have the opportunity to have 1 on 1 instruction daily from our expert fishing guides. We guarantee you will get hooked. We catch Fish!!!!


Day 1

Meet in the Tutwa Manor House 16h00 onwards. Check into rooms, enjoy an informal briefing. Have sundowners on the rocks overlooking the reserve while enjoying amazing wildlife on the farm. Campfire and dinner in the boma before enjoying a social evening under a canopy of stars.


Day 2

Wake up to an early breakfast before we strike camp. We then drive you 20 km's through Northern Bushmanland to the start of the trail. A short paddle will take you to the most amazing series of rapids that continue for 4 km. Fish the morning away, lunch is prepared during an early afternoon break from the heat, and a minor rapid or two is encountered on the way to your first night at Island Style where you find your camp waiting with a blazing fire and snacks.


Day 3

The day starts at sunrise, when the temperature is altogether more comfortable. Breakfast on fruit, breads, oats, coffee and teas before another hectic day of fishing, The feeling of isolation is all the more apparent as you weave through the magnificent gorges that echo forever downstream. Lunch is always in the shade of the riverbank during the hottest part of the day. Fishing and paddling, you work your way downstream. There is lots of time for you to explore the river, chill in the shade, swim and relax before our guides blow you away with a feast fit for a hungry rafter. Believe us when we say we pull the stops out with the cuisine. You won’t go hungry, we promise!


Day 4

Test your new found fishing skills to the full as we explore channels and water mazes as the river slowly carves its way through a mass of reed banks, islands and small rapids. At this point you'll realise; “why haven’t I been here before?” Goliath Herons, with their 2 metre wingspans glide over the surface of the river catching fish, unperturbed by the human onlookers. The night is spent on Namibian side of the river opposite the hot springs. In fact, at this point, you could walk North through the desert for three or four days before reaching a soul.


Final Day

More fishing and relaxing before you hit the final rapid - we call it Graduation. Shortly afterwards we pull the canoes out of the river and transport awaits to return you to base, your vehicle, a blissfully hot shower and a complimentary farewell lunch.


ANIMALS INCLUDE: baboon, Vervet monkeys, scrub hare, ground squirrel, leopard, caracal, African wild cats, bat eared fox, cape fox, jackal, cape clawless otter, leopards, gemsbuck, Eland, Girraffe and many more.

BIRDING: 179 SPECIES. Rosy-faced Lovebirds, African Reed Jacanas, Bee-eaters, Masked and Sociable Weavers, Cormorants; Goliath, Grey and Black-headed herons, Fish Eagles, Black Eagles, Pied, Giant and Malachite kingfishers, Rock Kestrels, Egyptian Geese, African Black duck etc. Species: Small and Largemouth Yellowfish, Silvers, Mudfish, Carp, Barbel, Tilapia(Bream) and others.





Wet gear: Hat, sunglasses with ties, wading boots, costume, shorts, long sleeved shirts, waterproof windbreaker. Dry gear: Tracksuit, shirts, underwear, dry shoes or boots, environment friendly toiletries, torch and camera. Personal medications. Camping gear: Sleeping bag, camp chair. We supply tents, mattresses and camp hands. Drinks: Cans are best. No glass please except decent bottles of wine. It can get hot so be generous with your calculations. (i.e. times 2). We supply ice. The river is entirely drinkable but not to everyone's taste. Your liquid intake will be high. It is HOT out there.



Flyrod x 2: Minimum 5/6 weight with rodtube, it’s good to have a backup rod as well. Flyline x 2: Floating line and intermediate lines are both essential.

Tippet: A variety of tippet material should be brought along, 2.7kg and upwards. For Largemouths and Catfish some strong leader and tippet material is a must.

Splitshot: Small to medium Strike Indicators: Preferably bright Orange and as large as possible.

Wading boots or good wading shoes Neoprene waders: Not essential but can be useful.

Polarised sunglasses with tie ons and a wide brim hat. Net: A telescopic type net for landing fish. Scale: A good scale to weigh fish, especially the big ones!!

Flies: Sizes 8-14, we prefer barbless but not essential Wet flies are used mostly but a good few dries are a must for evening rises.

Fly selection: Copper Johns, Hotspots, Vaal Mayfly, Red Bloodworm, wire caddis, Green caddis, Bead head Gold haires ear nymph, Mustard Caddis, KGB, Plaza Pupa. Colours vary from red, green, olive, orange to brown for small mouths, weighted and unweighted flies are good.

Largemouth Flies, like Wooly Buggers sizes 6-8, Zonkers, Krystal Bugger, MSP, Strip Leech, Strip Damsel and Marabou Dragon. Flies for Barbel need to be large so that they can move water, poppers etc are great but some mouse imitations and terrestrial imitations need to be included. Last of all a good digital camera that is waterproof for those spectacular photos.



Fly in/Drive/bus packages are available including transfers at an additional cost by request

Fishing Equipment can be hired or purchased from us Trips limited to 8 people maximum and we fish 6-8 hours per day. We can extend the trip by an extra day or 2 by request. Its 9 hours drive from JHB and CT and 12 hours from DBN. You do not need any experience, we offer instruction. Videos/photos of the trip are available by request at an extra cost and must be arranged prior to your arrival. We can arrange your personal drinks for your pocket prior to your arrival. We supply all meals, teas, coffees, camping gear, ice, coolers and waterproof packing space. Family trips available.

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